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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

European Trip and Transatlantic Cruise Part 7

ABOARD THE MAGIC IN THE ATLANTIC - September 23, 2010 (Continued)
Our dinner was in Lumiere's and we had six at our table as two people from England who had been at Palo the previous night joined us. The theme for the evening was Villains Tonight and the waiters had special black/purple outfits with really cool tie pins that looked like skulls. After dinner we went to the show that had the same theme. It was based on Hades possible losing his title as most evil in the world. So he has to get all his other evil Disney villains to help him keep his claim to fame.

As we turned back our clocks another hour last night, we are now 6 hours ahead of Pacific time. Even though we were warned about some possibly stormy weather, the morning was beautiful and I was able to take a photo of sunrise. We were up early so we opted to have breakfast at the Topsider Buffet on deck 9.

After that we just sat up in a prime spot on deck 10; Donna read her book by Anita Shreve and I listened on my iPod to an audio book, The Ascent of Money, by economist Niall Ferguson. The sun was warm and the skies were blue with some billowy clouds.
We went again to the chef presentation where he made a desert too complicated to prepare for me- fruit with saboyan ( an egg based sauce).
There was another DVC gathering at 1 PM! So we chose not to go to lunch as snacks and drinks were offered. There were many people and as a mixer the staff had us do a bingo type game that had us meet other members. When we were done, we chose a gift- a DVC passport holder. We were also given several Blue Hawaiians and Mimosas.

Not being to fill from the snacks we had, we stopped by Pluto's Dog House for a lighter lunch- taco and hot dog. Donna sat under the cover near the coffee shop. I hit the adult pool where the water was still sloshing side to side and left to right. After a while one of the recreation staff announced there was going to be a golf contest for free drinks: golfers had three chances to chip a nerf ball into a hoop in the center of the pool. Each contestant had to register under a golf name. I was Weasel Woods. Some better names were Bent Shaft and Long Puts. After about 15 contestants and only 2 winners, it was my turn. On my first chip it went out over the water and bounced into the ring- a winner!
My prize was another Blue Hawaiian!

My golf exploits behind me, we went to our room and watched some TV which was pretty dull considering news channels and regular broadcast shows do not work well out here in the middle of the Atlantic. There is one interesting show that is repeated incessantly showing a recent two week overhaul of the ship we are on. There are also movies and we have seen bits of several including Avatar, Last Airbender.

Dinner was in Animator's Palate and our entire table was filled. I had osso bucco, veal shanks braised with a tomato based sauce. Very good. Donna had flank steak.
All this eating may be putting back the pounds our simpler European diets took off. We enjoy one of our waiters, Edward, who is from England.

Another time zone change and waking up at 4 AM makes Roger a grumpy boy.
We had breakfast in Topsider but tried to limit our trips to the buffet.
Sitting up on deck 10 occupied the bulk of the morning though we did get into the Disney chef's presentation of osso bucco, the dish I had had the previous night. Unfortunately, when mine came it still had a membrane around the shank and with only a fork and the plate resting on my lap, it was impossible to cut, let alone eat. Donna's was okay, but mine and two ladies to my left were struggling to eat it. One of them mentioned a knife was in order, but the clueless waiters did not seem to get the idea. Moreover, we were sitting in the very front row and those behind us could see us wielding our entrees on the end of our forks. Finally Chef Peythout picked theirs up and gave them to the stall to fix. I already gave my entire portion back to the server grumpily saying it was inedible. A while later I wrote a note to the Art of Entertainment staff describing the situation.

See, I told you I was grumpy.

We had lunch in Parrot Cay where Edward our evening server placed us next to a big window. Donna then needed to get her outfit ready for tonight as it was a formal night. Laundry is a challenge here: about 20 washers and dryers for 2,000 people. While there is a laundry service, it can be expensive.

Largely because of our server we canceled our Palo reservation in order to eat at Parrot Cay for lobster with our other table mates; the couple from Colorado has been on 8 Disney cruises, the English couple 13.

As this is written, we are sitting on deck 9 near the Cove Cafe where Donna is almost done with the book I got her two days ago. I have read one book and listened to an audiobook.

Time passes......we had dinner in Parrot Cay, the lobster was great. Then we event to the Buena Vista Theater to watch Toy Story 3 in 3-D. Very good movie.

It was time to turn our clocks back yet again so we went to bed.

Of course, because of the time zone change, we were awake before 4 AM. We made it back to sleep and I got up at 6 AM and let Donna sleep. Per my usual routine, I proceeded to deck 9 to get coffee at the beverage station then returned to the room where I read our Personal Navigator outlining the activities for the day- OH NO!! We turn our clocks back again tonight!

It was brighter this morning and the air is much warmer as we are sailing into tropical waters on our way to the Caribbean Sea.

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